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        Inspirational Quotes Set

        Positivity is great! This set of inspirational tattoos is just a little reminder you need to increase happiness, productivity, and overall coolness by 10000%!

        2 PACK Heart of Gold

        Make a hearty statement with these 2" x 2" gold and silver metallic temporary tattoos, 2 PACK. Size of the heart is 0.5'' x 0.5''.

        2 PACK Leopard Heart

        Put a whole new spin on animal print with this temporary tattoo! Featuring a Leopard print with heart in metallic gold Size is 2 x 2 inches, 2 PACK 

        2 PACK Yoga Set

        This is a 3" x 4.5" gold metallic tattoo sheet of Yoga/Buddhism designs. Two sheets per pack. Diving into the mystery and meaning of yoga symbols can bring new depth and...

        2 PACK Gold Rose

        Two pieces of  2" x 2" gold Rose metallic temporary tattoo. 

        2 PACK Fleur de lis

        We know you've got something royal in you! Make a statement with this gold stylized flower tattoo and add elegance and style to your look. Two pieces of 2" x 2"...

        2 PACK Kiss

        Give the world a big smooch with the Gold Metallic Kiss Temporary Tattoo

        2 PACK UFO Glow-in-dark

        Silver and Black Glow in dark/under UV light UFO metallic temporary tattoos. Two tattoos per pack.  

        2 PACK Peacock Feather

        This is a 2" x 2" metallic temporary tattoo of gold and black peacock feather 2 PACK

        2 PACK Monarch Butterflies

        This is a beautiful gold metallic temporary tattoo design of a butterfly 'Monarch'.  Two tattoo sheets per pack.

        2 PACK Mermaid

        Mermaid Hand-written Gold Metallic Tattoo 2 PACK

        2 PACK Gold and Silver Henna Design

        4" x 4" henna inspired metallic temporary tattoo. Could be put on the back or on the wrist and combined with regular henna! Two tattoo sheets per pack.